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Inline File: images may not render if description text includes wikilink
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This revision fails to include the Oak chips in chardonnay.jpg image, instead showing the uninterpreted File: tag inline. It is fixed in the next revision simply be unlinking one word in the description. The description is supposed to permit links, so it's unclear why this fails.

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Pmj added a comment.Jul 19 2016, 11:57 PM

Agreed; the way it renders gives no indication that the error is in a previous image tag, particularly since the text between the two tags displays correctly.

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The problem here is mismatched braces,

[[File:Weinfass in Pollenca (18069904421).jpg|thumb|Wooden wine barrel at [[Pollenca], Spain]]]

will try to form this link [[Pollenca], Spain]] but fail since ] in the middle is an invalid char, and then the braces from the beginning [[File:Wein... won't have anything to match with, since there's only one ] leftover.

The fix,

[[File:Weinfass in Pollenca (18069904421).jpg|thumb|Wooden wine barrel at [[Pollenca]], Spain]]

shows that the grammar does support wikilinks in file captions.

Parsoid fails on this case in a slightly different way, but that doesn't detract from this being broken wikitext to begin with.