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Increase the number of visible language links in nowiki
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It seems like the number of shown language links at nowiki is somewhat small given that most Norwegians reads Danish and Swedish without any problem, and that we now have three languages at school. Add to that Faroese and Islandic, which is pretty close, and some extra neighbor language for the fun of it, and the list of 7 is full. Add a few to 10-11 -ish so people stop complaining?

If the system keeps adapting to an increased number of preferred languages, that would perhaps be better. I'm not quite sure how I should interpret the numbers from How many languages are shown in the compact list? Perhaps a better explanation in the FAQ is sufficient! =)

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Seeing the on-going discussions I think the number should be increased to 14-16 -ish, people believe they understand and talk a lot of languages.

I fully agree with the request, the number is too small (my home is fi-wiki). The (max.) number of shown language links in the compact list should best be configurable by the user.

I count up to 13 in some cases, it seems like the limit has been increased?

Nothing has changed. Perhaps you are counting the gray suggestions added by content translation?

jeblad triaged this task as Lowest priority.Apr 13 2017, 5:36 PM