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Enable Flow on all kab.wikipedia talk pages
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Hello, we (kabwiki active users) reached concensus here (with 3/3 of support).ɣer_Flow

We would be happy if you do that. Thank you !

We'll start this by converting all user talk pages.

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Yes please, including IP users.

Thank you for this request!
I'll be back soon with information about the deployment.

That community has already tried Flow. A previous discussion has been done in April 2016 to allow users to try Flow on their talk pages.

Hello again, are there news?

Thank you.

All user talk pages, or all talk pages period (Article talk, project talk, MediaWiki talk, File talk, etc. etc.)?

Note to self: Per IRC, we decided to do all user talk first.

Question mainly for later (but if it's applicable to user talk please let us know):

Are there any specific talk pages you do not want converted? We have the ability to bypass particular pages when converting namespaces, based on certain templates being present.

Since we haven't done this in a while, I will do it on Beta Cluster first. There is no kabwiki on Beta Cluster, so I will use Beta Catalan Wikipedia to test:

  1. Turn off Flow for new NS_USER_TALK pages.
  2. Create a few wikitext user talk pages.
  3. Run the script convertNamespaceFromWikitext.php
  4. Verify results, then turn Flow (back) on for that namespace.

Then I'll do 3-4 in production for kabwiki.

Correction, for 1-2 on Beta Cluster I'll use NS_PROJECT_TALK.

Change 305604 had a related patch set uploaded (by Mattflaschen):
Temporarily make NS_PROJECT_TALK wikitext again on Beta cawiki

Change 305604 merged by jenkins-bot:
Temporarily make NS_PROJECT_TALK wikitext again on Beta cawiki

Change 305607 had a related patch set uploaded (by Mattflaschen):
WIP: Fix parameter for convertNamespaceFromWikitext.php

Change 305608 had a related patch set uploaded (by Mattflaschen):
Revert "Temporarily make NS_PROJECT_TALK wikitext again on Beta cawiki"

Change 305608 merged by jenkins-bot:
Revert "Temporarily make NS_PROJECT_TALK wikitext again on Beta cawiki"

Also, as part of steps 1 and 4: populateContentModel.php on 'revision', 'archive', and 'page' (not sure it's really needed for 'page', but doesn't hurt).

Done on Beta Cluster:

1a. mwscript populateContentModel.php --wiki=cawiki --ns=5 --table=revision
1b. mwscript populateContentModel.php --wiki=cawiki --ns=5 --table=archive
1c. mwscript populateContentModel.php --wiki=cawiki --ns=5 --table=page
1d. Deploy to Beta Cluster (by merging).

  1. Created , , and .
  2. mwscript extensions/Flow/maintenance/convertNamespaceFromWikitext.php --wiki=cawiki 'Project_talk'

4a. Looks good. 3 pages are archived properly and I tested one of the Flow boards.
4b. mwscript populateContentModel.php --wiki=cawiki --ns=5 --table=revision
4c. mwscript populateContentModel.php --wiki=cawiki --ns=5 --table=archive
4d. mwscript populateContentModel.php --wiki=cawiki --ns=5 --table=page
4e. Revert temporary config change.

Looks good.

Change 305670 had a related patch set uploaded (by Mattflaschen):
Set Flow as default for User talk on kabwiki

Change 305753 had a related patch set uploaded (by Mattflaschen):
Use LIBXML_PARSEHUGE for deep XML documents

Change 305753 merged by jenkins-bot:
Use LIBXML_PARSEHUGE for deep XML documents

Change 305607 merged by jenkins-bot:
Fix parameter for convertNamespaceFromWikitext.php

First, a request for the kabwiki users:

Please translate at least:

  • At
    • The archive prefix (flow-conversion-archive-page-name-format).
    • The content of the template (flow-importer-wt-converted-template-content)
    • If you want, you can also translate the name (flow-importer-wt-converted-template). Make sure the page exists at the name if you do this.
  • And please copy the template to or the other name as well.

If you do it later, it will not affect past conversions (templates do not auto-update), so I'd like to wait on that before converting the other namespaces. It would be good to start translating the rest of Flow too.

The first (main) pass of the conversion of user talk is done.

Amyannan umsqedac:SabienSam failed to import because of the very deep DOM tree (e.g. a set of nested lists). It's still archived normally at and I added the link to that from the main talk page.

I interrupted the conversion once, so one other user talk page on the wiki needed manual intervention: .

Other than that, it went smoothly. The combined log is at P3858.

Note the error-handling here is a little confusing. The exceptions are being caught, and I reviewed them. AFAICT, none are actually a problem, except the SabienSam depth issue, which is fixed. They are also basically either redirects or subpages, neither of which are converted (except subpages with a matching userspace page).

Monday morning during the SWAT window I will:

  • Re-run this script (to catch the few that come in over the weekend)
    • (mwscript extensions/Flow/maintenance/convertNamespaceFromWikitext.php --wiki=kabwiki 'User_talk') 2>&1|tee --append ~/2016-08-22_kabwiki_convertNamespacesFromWikitext_pt3.log
  • mwscript populateContentModel.php --wiki=kabwiki --ns=3 --table=revision
  • mwscript populateContentModel.php --wiki=kabwiki --ns=3 --table=archive
  • mwscript populateContentModel.php --wiki=kabwiki --ns=3 --table=page
  • Have the SWATter deploy

Change 305670 merged by jenkins-bot:
Set Flow as default for User talk on kabwiki

Mentioned in SAL [2016-08-22T14:46:04Z] <hashar@tin> Synchronized wmf-config/InitialiseSettings.php: Set Flow as default for User talk on kabwiki - T140588 (duration: 00m 59s)

Final pass for conversion of namespace: P3872 .

I also ran the populateContentModel.php scripts, and the namespace has been converted.

Minor complication due to investigating the user talk welcome bot (this was using a different server while @hashar was testing mw1099, resolved now but see below)

Also a few (manageable number to manually resolve) red links, see also below.

Notes for on-wiki users:

Please translate things at . Flow has 0% translation for kab. If you need help getting started, you can ask at mediawiki-i18n on IRC or on .

Please don't create pages in the MediaWiki namespace (e.g. unless there is a reason it needs to be overridden specifically for kab Wikipedia. Even if it does, this should be in addition to translating on, not instead of.

Due to creating without moving or creating the template to the new location, there are now red links. doesn't exist , so there are some broken links to it (from the latest round).

I didn't realize before starting today that this had been partially overridden.

Please copy the contents of to , then move that template to (leaving a redirect).

Luckily, this is only a handful (or, we'll say a full finger set), so after the template exists, you can go through and make a minor space edit to the header, which will cause it to properly display.

(Please also copy these translations to

Finally, users are no longer receiving welcome messages on user talk. I understand the issue, and have left a note for the bot developer at .

I will next add Flow support to the NewUserMessage extension (T131957: NewUserMessage should handle Flow properly; affects gomwiki/Konkani Wikipedia and kabwiki), so that will be an option to replace this functionality.

Please let us know if you have questions. Thank you again for trying Flow.

Translations updated for

  • flow-conversion-archive-page-name-format
  • flow-importer-wt-converted-template-content
  • flow-importer-wt-converted-template

Thank you @Mattflaschen-WMF for Monday SWAT was a breeze, sorry you went last :)

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[ Reopened, asthis needs further namespaces deployment. ]

Poke again, this should be treated as high priority as it affect a live Wikipedia.

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I'm staling that request to reflect the current status of it, with no updates since more than a year and some blocking tasks to resolve first.

Removing @Mattflaschen-WMF as task assignee to avoid cookie-licking.
(Matt, if you still like/plan to work on this, feel very welcome to re-claim via your personal Phab account - thanks!)

Due to the upcoming improvements on talk pages (see Talk pages consultation 2019), no more deployment of Structured Discussions will be performed. We are also not removing Structured Discussions from any wikis. No new features are planned for Structured Discussions at this time. Maintenance will continue for the foreseeable future.