Disable VE on translated pages
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We've got translations set up on the New Readers page on meta, and I keep forgetting that it's not compatible with VE. This leads me to click "edit" in a section instead of "edit source," which then takes time to load VE, before it just tells me I can't do it anyway.

Might we be able to disable VE on these pages?

Assigning to James because I don't know Editing team's workflow.

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Eh. I don't know. There are a few issues with using VE on translated pages, but you can use it for quite a number of edits (and I do every week), in a manner that's more pleasing than wikitext alone (but still not at all great).

Fixing this to be able to edit translated pages nicely will require essentially replacing the entire way that the MediaWiki-extensions-Translate system works (see T131516: Reduce or eliminate the need for the user to touch <translate> tags and unit markers), replacing a string-based with a DOM-based model. I'm pretty sure that the Language team aren't planning to work on that this year (and it'd likely take many months).

We can disable editing in the mean time, but I don't think we should. However, I'm willing to be convinced.

Change 234252 had a related patch set uploaded (by Bartosz Dziewoński):
ve.init.mw.DesktopArticleTarget.init: Disable on all translateable pages


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I'm continuing to struggle with this... check out this page, for example: https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/New_Readers/Findings/India

It's like 5 clicks in order to make this work, and it's a bad experience.

At a minimum, it would be good to at least fix the warning so that it's more clear, and perhaps link to the editor that is supported. I know this is Meta, so probably the users have some degree of skill/understanding, but I have to imagine that we could frame that in a way that was clear. Do people know what "translatable" and "editor" mean in this context?

How about a dialog that says "VE is not supported on this page, switch to source editing: [OK] | [No, I want to try VE anyway, even though there be dragons]"

Change 234252 abandoned by Bartosz Dziewoński:
ve.init.mw.DesktopArticleTarget.init: Disable on all translateable pages


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The visual editor supports translatable pages to some degree, and it has improved in the 18 months since this task was filed. Translation in the visual editor is still clunky and confusing, but to be fair it's also clunky and confusing in wikitext. I think visual editor works well enough with translation that disabling it on translated pages is not necessary.