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Programs & Events Dashboard (tracking)
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Danny_B added a subscriber: Danny_B.

@DannyH We already have Education-Program-Dashboard, what is the reason to have the also tracking task? Thank you.

There are also Program Dashboard Sprint 1 Programs-and-Events-Dashboard-Sprint 2

There are several groups who have been working on the dashboard. I believe those sprint boards were created for Adam, Gergo and Dan Duvall, when they were working on the project earlier this year. As far as I know, they're not working on it anymore. Sage is still working on it, although I don't know if he has his own separate workboard or not.

Anyway -- Community Tech is just starting to work on the project, and we need to integrate the Dashboard tickets that we're working on into our own backlog and sprint boards. We'll be working on some of the tickets on the Education-Program-Dashboard backlog, but not all of them, and we're adding our own tickets.

So this tracking ticket will help Community Tech to keep track of the work that we will actually be taking on.