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Explore technology that will support remote New Reader evaluative research
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Explore technology options for remote usability testing in areas that do not have the same technology/internet access capabilities that we have.

For example: Could we send some sort of "kit" to chapters in Mexico, India, Nigeria, that volunteers could use to help us test prototypes/builds? Could we do a combination of video/phone interviews?

Upcoming meeting between New Readers PM @atgo + Reading evaluative research + DR/Design will open first iteration of testing for a solution

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I have thoughts and ideas about this, and met some people in India, Nigeria and Mexico who might be qualified people to do the usability testing. Also, people will not want to spend mega bytes to do usability testing with us unless we pay for the megabytes. In fact, they may not be able to afford participating unless we pay for their megabytes. Looking forward to the meetings we discuss and make decisions together in.

@aripstra great! we can talk about them in the meeting. just created this task to document the process of finding evaluative tools for remote research for New Readers. It's mostly just to keep track of Reading design research work.

@atgo I propose we close this task, as @pizzzacat is no longer using this task to keep track of Reading design research work.. Checking with you to see if you have a differing opinion.

Sure, sounds good. Thanks Abbey.