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Wikipedia Zero impact web survey
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The purpose of this feature is to measure the impact of Wikipedia Zero by providing a survey just for subscribers of a Wikipedia Zero partner. Due to the need to maintain zero rating for the survey itself, third party surveys are not viable. Also, to make sure results are accurate, we have qualifying questions to ask if they 1) want to take a short survey, and 2) If they are aware of Wikipedia Zero.

Per-survey variables

  • The language wiki can be specified
  • The Wikipedia Zero partner can be specified (using standard MCC/MNC identifier for zero traffic)
  • The sampling ratio can be specified
  • The question text can be specified (altered to match language wiki)
  • These previous specifications can be either 1) administerered by the Reading team per each zero partner survey, OR 2) can get these specifications from the secured zero wiki. In this case, all surveys would be administered by the Global Reach team without per-survey administration support from Reading.


  • Only one survey with one zero partner on one language wiki will be run on any single day
  • Only mobile web users will be elibible for survey

Additional requirements

  • People who have declined the survey or have already taken it will not be asked to take it again.
  • People who have had a previous request to take this survey (and are temporarily excluded) can be reincluded on subsequent surveys
  • Multiple question support - some branching is needed based on the response to a prior question.
  • Our survey questions and flow will be very short and fully defined for implementation. Here is our expected flow and questions:

Ask if they would like to take a short survey
If so, ask if they knew Wikipedia is available to them for free
If replying yes: ask if they used Wikipedia more because it is free
If replying no: ask if they would use Wikipedia more now that they know it is free to use
Follow up with 1 or 2 social impact type of question (non-branching, TBD)
Thank them for taking the survey

  • UI designer to specify details around interface
    • This is needed due to observation of New Readers work noting widespread ignoring of Wikipedia banners.

Survey response data is recorded in a form that would allow extraction of the following results:

  • Daily total of page views qualified to take the survey (partner / language /mobile)
  • Daily total of users who were asked to take the survey
  • Daily total of users who agreed to take the survey
  • Daily response totals (Yes and No) for awareness of free question
  • Daily response totals (Yes and No) for 2nd question
  • Daily response totals (Yes and No) for alternate 2nd question
  • Dailty response totals (Yes and No) for social impact questions