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"Fix a pain point" candidates ranked by cost/benefit ratio
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  • Cost/benefit complete for all candidates (make subtasks as needed)
  • Cost/benefit should include:
    • Who does this affect?
      • How many teams does this affect?
      • Other stakeholders in WMF or movement?
    • How bad is this problem?
      • Can it be quantified?
      • If not, can it be related to strategy?
      • Can it be described qualitatively?
      • Who else does it affect?
    • What would a likely solution be?
        • Can TPG do anything to help (in terms of skills, mandate, scope, time?)
        • What is the cost of the solution? to team, other teams, other stakeholders
      • Which teams are available to test the solution?
    • Is the solution measurable?
      • Can teams tell if the pain point goes away?
      • If the pain point goes away, can we tell what caused that?
      • Can all of this happen within Q1?