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Evaluate efforts with design engagement for Q1
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Towards the end of Q1 of FY2017, evaluate efforts to-date of the design engagement. Suggest using the light engagement survey.

Event Timeline

Light engagement survey has been sent (22-09-2016) to design-related people going through statement of purpose process.

@KLans_WMF @ggellerman now that the survey is over - is it up to me to analyze the data for the design stuff, or is someone else already planning on doing that? If it's up to me, I'll take care of it when I'm back from vaation - if it's up to someone else, please reassign this task to them :)

For round 2, waves a & b, @ksmith is going to write up what we learned about the survey vehicle but not do any analysis on what we learned from the survey.

So if you want some learnings, dive into the responses :)

Moved to waiting column since @Awjrichards isn't expected to get back to it this week

Survey is complete. Some highlights:

  • 50% response rate (7 out of 14)
  • 85.7% agree or strongly agree that the group has "made more progress on this project than [they] would have without TPG's involvement"; the remainder neither disagree nor agree.
  • 100% of participants identified 'facilitation' skills in use, 57.1% identified 'process design' skills in use
  • Very few free-form responses, but most salient points:
    • "Outcome is clear and it has value"
    • "Mid-long term steps are not clear on how this will end up improving the support WMF provides to design"
    • A desire for "help making this a priority for participants" and "clearer guidance of the process, how to succeed/best move forward with it"
  • If we were to isolate a Net Promoter Score for this particular engagement, it would be 28.6 (3 promoters, 3 passives, 1 detractor) - though I'm not sure how valuable this is in isolation and given small sample size.

In summary:

  • TPG is providing a valuable service from design's perspective
  • TPG could do a better job clarifying how the statement of purpose process gets leveraged for positive change in the future. This will become a priority for me to address as we move forward
  • It could be valuable to find a way to help "make this a priority for participants" - perhaps this can be achieved by the above bullet point and leveraging managerial support

@KLans_WMF please take a look - if there's more info I can provide or clarity I can bring (particularly for quarterly review purposes), just holla.