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"Mark as missing" function not working in itwiki
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In itwiki we are experiencing a little problem with the "Mark as missing" function. When marking as missing a word in the ContentTranslation tool, the word correctly displays red. But, after publishing the page, the link appears to be a interwikilink to enwiki (I've tested it translating from enwiki). See "Wacko Magneto".

In enwiki there isn't this issue. See "finlandese" here.

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Nnvu created this task.Jul 22 2016, 3:22 PM
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Thanks for the report!

Is this similar to T140332?

Nnvu added a comment.Jul 23 2016, 11:17 AM

@Amire80 Well, the output is equal to the one mentioned in T140332, but the method is the same as the one in T118087: i tried to add a red link and i got a full external link to enwiki.

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Managed to replicate it on

The first link works as expected (Wonderland Park) but the second one links to the correct page

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The first link works as expected (Wonderland Park) but the second one links to the correct page

The English article is not connected to any Spanish article in Wikidata. So CX thinks that it is missing, and creates a missing link with a name that matches an existing article in Spanish Wikipedia (in this case it seems that those are about the same topic just not connected in Wikidata, but it could be a different topic that happens to have such title). This case is described and expected to be solved by T224408: Ask for user confirmation when adding a missing link and the target page name is unclear

The original ticket was describing an issue, that applied to your example would mean that the article published in Spanish has a link to the 120 minutes article in English, which seems not to be the case. I highlighted the key elements from the example of the original issue in a screenshot below:

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Given the above, the original issue seems to be resolved, and related issues are reported in other tickets.