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pt.wikipedia Main Page loosing pageviews consistently
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According to pageviews data, pt.wikipedia main page has been loosing readers in a very very predictable way[0], in wich over the last year almost half of his pageviews was lost. Some monts ago the page was reformed, but still the values keep falling. This behavior seems inconsisntent with other projects main page, and even with global pt.wp siteviews, who keep stable. [1]

Any idea on what's happening? Is it possible to check referals to see where does people comes from, and where is the source of viewers lost?

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Aparently, it's happening to webmobile views only and affects others wikipedias. I notice a decrease of 26% in ptwiki and enwiki, 30% in ruwiki and 17% in dewiki for 2016.

MusikAnimal added a subscriber: MusikAnimal.EditedJul 25 2016, 4:54 PM

OTAVIO is correct. Looks like the bulk of traffic for is from mobile web, which explains it. Interestingly with all platforms enwiki has remained relatively stable.

I also think the analytics team has improved the detection of bots and crawlers over time, so newer "user" pageviews might be lower as a result. The older data cannot be backfilled with the new metric for "user" because they scrub out the user agents after 60 days, I believe.