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Filter based on datetime
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It would be nice to provide a filter or generator which can generate all newly uploaded files between two datetimes given by the user. This helps in making time slotted bot runs.

My exact usecase is that I have a image analyzer which runs on commons and I wanted to find accuracy and other statistics for each day of the week for all the new files uploaded in that day.

Extending this, it would also be nice to have a filter/generator which provides all modified files in a time period and so on.

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I guess you would like a resolution smaller than 1d?
Otherwise -logevents:upload,,20121231,20100101 should work.

AbdealiJK closed this task as Resolved.Jul 26 2016, 11:36 PM
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@Mpaa that did work for a resolution for 1 day.
For my purpose, 1Day is sufficient so I'm closing this task for the time being. If someone needs a smaller resolution it can be reopened.