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icinga hp raid check timeout on busy ms-be and db machines
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during disk-intensive operations (e.g. swift rebalance or mysql alter table) we've seen the check_hpssacli nrpe check timing out on newer hp machines. The timeout has been increased to 40s already but sometimes that doesn't seem sufficient.

Swift machines are a bit peculiar in which they have all disks in raid0, so for each disk there's a physical volume and a logical volume to be checked.

MySQL is not peculiar and that also happens when there is high io_activity.

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Good example of a db server where that happens with big alter tables: dbstore2001

I've checked, and the currently in use check does too much, probably we do not need such a thorough check every time icinga runs, which would solve the issues with the timeout. Just returning a full output of the configuration and status is not that heavy, so we may be able to compromise here.

Should we close this too, or too early to say? @herron

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Sure, sounds good to me. We could always reopen and evaluate if the issue occurs again in the future.