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ORES vision blog post
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Talked to @jeffelder about this. We're looking at a higher-level framing. I pitched ORES the internally facing sensor network that allows Wikipedia to adapt. I think I can write an interesting story about helping complex systems *adapt* by making hidden, yet important patterns salient.

Jeff is very excited about the detox models. We'll likely want a substantial part of the story about that and our excitement to see wiki tools using it. @ellery might want to publish a whole separate blog post about the model though. We'll see.

Talked to @ellery and @DarTar. We're going to delay this for a while because (1) detox is very interesting and should have its own post and (2) detox is a sensitizing story for the ORES vision.

So, we could do a blog post to announce ORES going into production. Not as flashy and not for the broader media, but good blog fodder. I was also thinking that we might focus on the humanized processes we use to protect Wikipedia from the dangers of AI. @jeffelder, I recently presented about this at the Research Showcase. See Slides are here:

Is this an angle that you see as promising or should we instead just plan to get some basic communication about the prod deployment of ORES?

I do like the human angle. I wonder if we want to save that for the detox. You could do the ORES production post now and do the human angle later. ORES production doesn't have to be bare bones. I think you could explain what that means, who can use it and how, and people would read it. It's kind of state-of-the-art for the industry, right?

@MelodyKramer and I talked about communication around ORES yesterday.

Quick background: Jeff and I discussed trying to communicate what ORES is and how Wikipedians use it more clearly with a comic or animation. We talked about a lot of different stories to tell including the adaptive dynamics of Wikipedia and the role of humans in evaluating the algorithms. This conversation was jump-started when @ellery presented on the Discussion-modeling (of Toxicity) (detox) work at the Metrics Meeting last month. @DarTar, @ellery, and I think that (1) detox should get some separate treatment in our communications and (2) detox isn't ready for a while.

So we're discussing doing a straightforward "ORES is in production now" post (probably on the blog) or continuing with story telling about ORES independent of the future potential detox model.

So, now responding to @jeffelder, I think that the human angle is a critical part of any non-bare-bones production story. If we're going to do any story telling at all about what ORES is and how it's used, I'd like to get that in there. I think that the vision of ORES (boundary reducer, conversation catalyst, adaptive capacity builder) can happen totally independent of detox. Should I take another pass on the outline at to show you what I mean?

Thanks for the great summary @Halfak. I also wanted to add that given that the prod announcement is mostly relevant to community members and tool builders, we were considering the Signpost as a potential alternative venue to the WMF blog, happy to either option (which would cater to slightly different audiences).

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