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Do not truncate my precious data
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Once there was a time when you needed more disk space so you truncated *.log, *.out and *.err files (second half of May 2016?). I thought I was safe because my data files were not named as *.out and files. They are of the scheme dwl??.out-yyyymmdd. You retained files of the scheme dwl03.{sort,shuf}-yyyymmdd, but those are less important to me anyway. The whole ordeal made me really, really sad. Please don't do that to me in the future. My tool is giftbot and I was sent here by yuvipanda to express my grief and sorrow.

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The new NFS setup that @chasemp and @madhuvishy are working on do not truncate any data, I believe.

The newer NFS setup in progress doesn't affect any of this I think. We will still be limited on space. All log cleanup that has been done has been targeted at logs 100MB and greater iirc. The best advice I can give is to not keep these logs on NFS, and to use some logging mechanism that has built in rotation for now. If we run out of space again we'll have to cleanup and truncate logs on NFS, there isn't any help for it.