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I ve been told that AWB should stop doing

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Pointer from May 2016 to [[MOS:HEADINGS]] wording, with relevant quote:

The current wording in the manual is:

Include one blank line above the heading, and optionally one blank line below it

AWB added a blank line above the heading.

This is now considered as one of the things AWB should stop doing in En.wp

@Magioladitis: Thank you for continuing to work on this.

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rev 12133 FixHeadings: if a sub-heading directly after a heading don't add blank line before sub-heading

This corrects the standard cases.

There could be some exceptions out there, like wiki comment and no other content added between heading and sub-heading or something, where AWB might not detect the "heading then sub-heading" scenario and still want to add a blank line before the sub-heading. We'll deal with that if and when such issues are found.

@Rjwilmsi @Magioladitis: Thank you! Please could we link back to the corresponding revision control commit with each closure.

For the record, commit 12133: