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Labels for POI's completely missing on
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I have attached a screenshot with various remarks for missing labels on

On the other hand I doubt that we need detailed transportation labels like for bus stations.

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This map shows only labels for streets and other transportation features, bus stations; but completely lacks POI's like churches, monuments etc.

The same area in standard OSM styling.

The osm-style have to be reduced to have place and clearance for additional overlays.

On the original map nearly each pixel has informations about house numbers or shop labels, that's too much information and the style has to be reduced.
Nearly each color is used by osm style to give experienced osm-mappers a maximum on information to improve OSM database. Beside pure red is no color left for an overlay. Experienced osm-mappers are not our target audience.

If the missing labels would come from an Wikipedia overlay, I believe most problems on this request would be solved.
That's something we are working on:

It's really hard to separate small POIs from important POIs on the basis of OSM, but I believe we have to solve the problem or to use a combination of OSM and Wikipedia.

Rivers should have labels, because this can't come from Wikipedias point data.
Churches are normally good landmarks and should be visible in the map..

Bus stop label are disturbing, so please show them only on higher zoom levels.

@Kolossos: I understand, but I think we have to find some compromises here. Of course the standard OSM style is way too much of features an labels. But we need at least some basic labels for orientation (like parks, churches). These missing labels cannot come from Wikipedia overlay, because Wikipedia has another focus and another data quality (parks are mostly missing in Wikipedia, but there are thousands of Stolpersteine and such stuff, that floods the map).

I also want to mention, that we use the Maps service not only as a base map for Wikipedia but also in other scenarios like Wikimaps Warper, where it is really important to have labels for orientation.