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Text that's new should be colored the same as text that's changed
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Author: natelroot

When you do a diff, only text that existed in the last rev but was changed is highlighted red. Text that is brand new is black. Some of our users are confused by that -- they expected new text to show up as red too (the semantic rule being "anything that wasn't in the last rev is highlighted").

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Severity: enhancement



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Applied to internal diff formatter in r28223

Still needs to be applied to wikidiff2 C++ version.

sumanah wrote:

Still the case in MediaWiki 1.18.

Added "design" keyword -- would be nice to get a UI design ok on this and ensure this is the right way to go. Big swaths of red text might be uncomfortable to read.

Not entirely sure what exactly is requested here, could somebody clarify?

If I get it right, if an entire section is newly added in an edit, the text background of that new section should also have a background color on the diff page, and not only the decoration with a colored bar and a plus sign on the left (in LTR languages)? (I'm using Vector skin, if that matters)

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