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Install new CMS Wiki
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To preserve the old fundraising application as-is and keep the content staging mechanism, we need to create a new instance of the Mediawiki installation with the ContentStaging extension.


  • Create new database on the DB server
  • Install most recent MW version on the fundraising backend server, using the new database. Add the ContentStaging extension and configure it with $wgContentStagingPrefix = "Spendenseite-DefaultSkin";.
  • Get a new subdomain for the new CMS ( ) and configure the web server accordingly. Make the subdomain HTTPS-only and add HTTP-Auth.
  • Dump the content from the old wiki.
  • Edit the dump: Change the old prefix "Web:Spendenseite-HK2013/rewrite" to "Web:Spendenseite-DefaultSkin/test"
  • Import the edited dump in the new wiki.
  • Change the URL in the fundraising configuration files (test and prod) to the new wiki, clear the caches and check that everything works.
  • Remove the "rewrite" stage from the old wiki.
  • Use content staging to promote all test stages to production and change the URL prefix in the production configuration.

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