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FEATURE REQUEST: Per Entry Question/FAQ/Want-to-Know so readers could ask/influence contributors
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Author: tm_wikizilla

As a user on a wiki-page that while detailed did not answer a specific question you are interested in, it would be nice to request an explanation or elaboration of some aspect of the entry or item.

Thinking about it further, I imagine lots of people having lots of different questions so a rating and scoring system to prioratize questions so responses or focuses may also be priortized would probably be necessary (so other users could also want to know something like that or other people may thing it is a silly or unnecessary).

This would direct the focus and scope of the wiki so the readers could help and influence the contributors. It would a sort of be a per entry FAQ that readers could pose to contributors (about something specific that may not have been covered) or a non-entry comment on the topic (about some concept that was not detailed or was confusing or misunderstood).

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tm_wikizilla wrote:

FEATURE REQUEST: Per Entry Question/FAQ/Want-to-Know so readers could ask/influence contributors

stefanrickli wrote:

The same thought happened to me just a few minutes ago and I thought I might file it in.

In addition to that, I thought it could be helpful, if an expert or someone interested in a specific article could subscribe himself to its FAQ or a specific question there.

That could become handy e.g. when it comes to medical articles, where there arise many questions about the topics. So the FAQs could then later be covered in the article by a writer. Another example would be scientific articles, where someone (maybe a student) can post a specific problem and the subscribed expert could show how to use the knowledge of the article to get to the solution.

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