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"footer-info" is not shown on special pages (but on the mobile view it is)
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I found that <ul id="footer-info"> is not included on special pages. This is the case in MediaWiki 1.27 and has been at least since 1.19. Just compare a special page to a page in the main namespace.

Strangely <ul class="footer-info"> is included when using the mobile view.

I consider this a bug, since footer-info is usually used to show information about licenses. Some special pages are accessible by visitors too. So they should see the license information on those pages too.

The issue is being discussed here too.

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Ok, this would, technically, a very simple change. However, I found the following history for that:
@Reedy (as a follow up for another rev) re-adds the copyright info to _all_ pages (e.g. Special pages and pages, that does not exist, currently) in commit 83cc0ac5ae976746886cecc68e87f79e7c390489
@tstarling reverted the change in commit 1f42153b5cd37dbf9977474ba4c9e2483e50dad1

The reason can be found in T18281: Show copyright system message on special pages, which, btw., is still open. So, I'll merge this task into it :)