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Allow to stop notifications from (mass) task merge/duplication
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Due to T107254: Closed tickets in Bugzilla migrated without closing event?, we now see bulk task "updates" where "resolved" tasks which were duplicated to another task in bugzilla times are merged again to the same task with the Phabricator interface. This is spammy, especially as one has to open both tasks to get rid of the notification.

Users are currently not free to ignore such mass changes, as maniphest settings only allow to alter notifications for "A task's status changes".

It should be possible to ignore task merges, or said task merges should be eliminated/made quiet in another way.

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Danny_B claimed this task.

Nowadays done quietly, though I can only guarantee it on my side, can't speak on behalf of other users.

Feel free to report upstream task about adding new condition to Herald though.