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Mediawiki-Vagrant provision times out at `apt-get update`
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I'm a newbie with virtualbox and Ubuntu.

With the last version of Mediawiki-Vagrant, there is no error but the action provision freezes with php5-xhprof.

PUPPET_DEBUG=1 vagrant provision


> default: Debug: /Stage[main]/Apt/Exec[apt-get update]: Not scheduled

> default: Debug: Prefetching apt resources for package

> default: Debug: Executing '/usr/bin/dpkg-query -W --showformat '${Status} ${Package} ${Version}\n''

> default: Debug: Executing '/usr/bin/dpkg-query -W --showformat '${Status} ${Package} ${Version}\n' php5-xhprof'

> default: Debug: Executing '/usr/bin/apt-get -q -y -o DPkg::Options::=--force-confold install php5-xhprof'

After a very long time,... I have to do a Ctrl+C...

An idea to resolve this problem ?


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I searched a solution...

It's a classic problem between Ubuntu and Vagrant... SSH often freezes during the apt-get.
There are errors in the vagrant config.

But... I don't know fix that :-/

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