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Initiate Hovercards A/B Test 3 with Central Notice: October 2016
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  • Adjust event logging sampling rate for Italian wikipedia to 2%
  • A/B test enabled on such that 20% of anons have Hovercards ON.
  • Once this task is scheduled, file follow on tasks for data analysis and for stopping this A/B test 6 weeks later.

Deploy on or after 09/19/2016

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Howdy @dr0ptp4kt, can you talk a little about how was Italian chosen and where was this communicated? I just want to be sure that the community there knows we're going to be doing this test in the near future. If I missed something or need to help with discussing things on itwiki, let me know!

@CKoerner_WMF this is tentative, although this is from an email thread. I just looped you on the email thread. Thank you for flagging this!

does anyone know if the translations are in place for the popups extension for Italian?