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Cannot see or clear unread notifications at Beta Cluster
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I'm told I have 100 unread notifications at En.beta.
However nothing is visible. Although there are still pagination-controls (which I can page through 10+ times, and each is empty).

Selection_005.png (375×930 px, 65 KB)

The panel says I have no unread notifications.
Selection_007.png (355×1 px, 68 KB)

I see the same at

I tried running new mw.Api().postWithToken('csrf', {action:'echomarkread', all:1}); (a few times) per but it didn't fix anything. I also tried ?action=purge.

There are no interesting messages in webconsole.
(I'm using Firefox 47, Ubuntu)

Roan notes this is probably related to
and that all my notifications are coming from a single page. (I think a deleted page?).

Event Timeline

Which pages are Quiddity's notifications associate with?

SELECT event_page_id, COUNT(*) FROM echo_event JOIN echo_notification ON event_id=notification_event WHERE notification_user = 1255 GROUP BY event_page_id;


Which of those pages still exist?

SELECT page_id, page_title, page_namespace FROM page WHERE page_id IN (1, 13955, 14048, 69747, 116853, 127334, 131861);


Over 60k notifications, mostly associated with page 13955 (maybe Talk:Flow_QA ?) that doesn't exist anymore, cannot be rendered.

Patch would help but you would still see weirdness for a while before all old events are taking care of. (It would take 1200 refreshes of the notifications page to force moderation of those 60k notifications.) A maintenance script would be more appropriate. I'll create it.

Change 302480 had a related patch set uploaded (by Sbisson):
Maintenance: moderate notifications linked to missing pages

Re-check after the fix for T93673: Remove Notifications about posts/topics that have been Moderated is merged.

Curious that re-running the above queries, I do not see the event_page_id 13955, 116853, 131861 in archive table. When I checked the same scenario for another user (Flow board was deleted) - the event_page_id is still recorded in archive table.

SELECT ar_page_id, ar_title FROM archive WHERE ar_page_id IN (13955, 116853, 131861);
Empty set (0.01 sec)

My problem at beta cluster is fixed. Thanks! (I won't resolve this, as I'm not sure if more work is needed.)

Re-checked in betalabs - no issues found.

Change 302480 abandoned by Sbisson:
Maintenance: moderate notifications linked to missing pages