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Review new service 'pre-deployment to production' checklist
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This task came out of the ORES incident on 2016-08-02.


  • New extensions wishing to be deployed to the wikimedia cluster go through a review checklist prior to deployment. You can find it at the mw:Review_queue page (historical reasons for the name).
    • Revamping this process was one of Greg's early projects when he started. He focused solely on extensions due to 1) lack of wanting to take on more than he could chew early on in his tenure and 2) he's pretty sure there was only Parsoid at the time.
  • The wikitech:Services page has a sort of checklist for new services, but it is incomplete
    • For example, the Beta Cluster (step?) is a red-link.


  • We take this moment in time to review the process that a new service should follow before it goes to production. This should be holistic including best practices on service templates, how to deploy, how to test (including setting it up in Beta Cluster), etc.
  • Luckily it looks like much of that is done as subpages of the wikitech:Services page.
    • Greg hasn't had a chance to review it all yet and would like to think through this with someone from Ops and Services.

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