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Create questions from student edits
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Write a script to generate questions containing diffs by usernames (i.e. student
editor username lists)

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@prnk28 please figure out which of these is best, but try to get just the
~50 most recent, and then the two most recent edits they made in diff
format (in the iframe) for the 100 questions from Wikipedia Education
Program student editors:

These also need to be filtered by only articles in the top 20% of pageviews to start with.

I have used the Special:Students page for obtaining student contributor usernames who have made recent edits. I then obtain their most recent edits information such as pageid, revid, size of edit, etc using the Usercontrib API. The final rankings are based on a high value of pageviews and edit size. So bigger edits on frequently visited articles are higher on the list for reviewing.
Code for this script is here.