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Transfer WLX to Tools
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Ilya, can you work with Yuvi to assess how much work this is and whether you can finish this by the end of the week? Please update the task here with updated information as you learn more.

Sorry, I can create a database. DB name must have two underscores, not one

There should be *two* underscores after the username and the dbname, so you
want s53071__wlxjury, which already exists.

It went down after 3 days
I think it will require T142164
There is some problem with the tool - it goes down from time to time, I solved it on WMUA's server with the monit service

I can't see that page, but if you are following the labs-l list, there was
a general tools outage we were fixing on friday that you were probably

Information from the link
Down (time in UTC)
From: 2016-08-06 19:41:19 (check interval is 5 minutes)
To: 2016-08-06 20:09:45 (when I logged in and restarted)

But should not the tools restart automatically after outages?
Webservice was thinking the tool is up when it was not.

Yours is the first Scala tool we have, so probably it is missing something
there. Please report it if it happens again so I can see what's going on.

@intracer has the transfer happened successfully or you are still working on this task? (wondering if we should move this to Done).

@intracer are you still doing this or the plan is not to do this and host WLX on a local server for this year? If this task is not relevant, let's close it.

@intracer I'm going to remove WLM 2016 tag from this task. Please add it back if you are actively working on it (If I remember correctly, you made a decision at some point to not have the tool on Labs, in which case it's best to close this task).

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