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Social Event Plan: Wikimedia Developer Summit
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Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday night social event plan for Dev Summit

Event Timeline

I would include the social events in, just like the rest of activities, with their own cells linking to the pages / tasks with more information.

The plan with to-do's for each night.

Monday: Small group dinners with drink available all evening at WMF

  • still need to find more people to lead small group dinners
  • specific instructions for admin set-up

Tuesday: Great catering, brewers, karaoke

  • finalize catering contract
  • finalize brewing contract
  • finalize karaoke plan
  • brewers / catering load in plan

Wednesday: dev summit & all hands joint party

  • update catering order for +25 people, sarah r is on this!

Other things:
publish social plan on wiki
publish menu on wiki

One additional to-do if time: get blanket approval for small group dinner leaders that they can submit their their ER

Tuesday catering and brewing finalized. Catering contract has been submitted & brewing contract will be submitted after the event.
Wednesday catering has been updated for 25 more people.
Menus are published on wiki:

Still need:
Small group dinner plan & blanket approvals
More small group dinner volunteers
Admin party set-up & staffing plan (sent relevant email)
Karaoke plan ( just sent relevant email)
Brewing contract (to be done after event)

What do you think about removing and putting the basic information in the program table itself?

This information has been added to the program. Srishti will be editing the table to fix the formatting.

I have spent some time getting more small group dinner leaders, we still need some additional ones however we can get them same-day and I have a back up plan idea. Blanket approval have been obtained.
Admin set-up has been finalized
Karaoke plan has been finalized and assigned
Brewing contract will come after the summit and we are not waiting on that.

I am closing this task! We have a fun line-up of social events all at a low cost.