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Create a new MediaWiki-CrossWikiWatchlist project
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Name: MediaWiki-CrossWikiWatchlist
Description: Tasks related to implementing cross-wiki watchlists (See T5525 and for background)
Type of project: Component
Optional hashtags: None
Visible To: Public
Editable By: All Users
Joinable By: All Users

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@kaldari If it is going to be subproject of Community-Tech, then it won't be possible to tag tasks with both Community-Tech and #Cross-Wiki-Watchlist. So rather doublechecking you really want to do it this way. Also, is there any on-wiki documentation (mw.o/meta)?

@Danny_B: In that case, it should not be a sub-project. Can we make it a Component? I'll link to some documentation...

kaldari updated the task description. (Show Details)

Yup. That was my intention...

Please fix or add following info:

Project type: Component
Name: Cross-Wiki-Watchlist
Project description: <fill in here>
Visible To: Public (no login required)
Editable By: All Users
Joinable By: All Users

Updated the task description and also changed the name of the project to fit the convention of other MediaWiki component projects.

Edit conflict... ;-) I'll copy from the task description...

kaldari renamed this task from Create a new Cross-Wiki-Watchlist project to Create a new MediaWiki-CrossWikiWatchlist project.Aug 3 2016, 1:09 AM