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Deploy mention notifications on the test cluster
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Once both success and mention failure notifications are merged, please deploy it to the test cluster for thorough testing

This task is based on a wish that received 21 points (#9) in the German Community Wishlist (T139962). Originally, the wish was to receive an information about the sent messages. To help people use mentions in a way that they are sent, we have also included notifications about mention failures, which add the reasons for the failure as well.

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Change 302898 had a related patch set uploaded (by Addshore):
wmgEchoMentionStatusNotifications true for test/test2wiki

Change 302898 merged by jenkins-bot:
wmgEchoMentionStatusNotifications true for test/test2wiki

Mentioned in SAL [2016-08-17T15:40:51Z] <thcipriani@tin> Synchronized wmf-config/InitialiseSettings.php: SWAT: [[gerrit:302898|wmgEchoMentionStatusNotifications true for test/test2wiki (T141995)]] (duration: 00m 50s)

While testing this on test at some point I had problems to even trigger notifications. The settings are there though and generally it works but there might be cases we do not cover/understand yet.

I will investigate a bit more.

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