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Create UserZoom presentation for PMs
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@JKatzWMF requested a presentation about the UserZoom tool, to show PMs at the Foundation what the tool is capable of doing.

"Do you think we could arrange an overview/ demo for product managers so that we can have an understanding of what kinds of things are possible. I know we don't dictate how studies are run, but it is very helpful to know what kinds of questions can be asked? It would also be helpful to learn how to view raw responses, as the video can often be very impactful."

This could be done by someone who knows a lot about UserZoom (eg, Abbey) or we could use an hour or so of our UserZoom training and have the company present, if she doesn't have time. (Other ideas welcome)

Jon will add more about what he'd like to see, if more needs arise.

Event Timeline

per @aripstra - we have limited training hours that should be used for the researchers using the tool. For an overview on what UserZoom can do, I will research/talk about this with the team (I am still learning as well) and then pull together resources and a demo to present to PMs.

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FYI @Jdforrester-WMF @Deskana. Let me know if you want your teams included in said demo

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@pizzzacat indicated that this meeting has been scheduled for 2016-08-23. @dchen will help do research and create slide deck (thanks, Daisy!)

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