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Better build/deploy system for restbase services
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The build and deployment of rest base services could be improved quite a bit.

Given the variety of configuration of OS systems we run it is likely to run into problems with interactions among OS and Docker while building. While builds could happen on a labs machine that is just a temporary fix. The build should happen on jenkins as part of the CI system. To build "aqs" sql lite could be used so there is no need for jenkins to run a cassandra instance.

There are other problems though: after a change is build it gets pushed to gerrit (a huge chageset with a bunch of binaries). See:

I understand that these are not problems that can be fixed right away but a services platform need to have a solid ecosystem and this build and deploy system seems rather brittle.
I am asking that the services team puts some work next quarter to improve the build and release process of restbase services.

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This is mostly a duplicate of T93428. Deployment & CI systems are primarily owned by the release engineering & ops teams, and that task sets out the requirements we have for this from the services perspective.

@GWicke : The work on CI should be a join collaboration, owning a services platform goes beyond owning some code that answers http requests, it is about owning an ecosystem

@Nuria: This distribution of ownership is not by our choice.

GWicke triaged this task as Medium priority.Oct 12 2016, 5:13 PM
GWicke added a project: Services (blocked).

Current work in this space is being tracked in T170453, which is a 2017/18 annual plan project involving operations, releng & services.