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"Alpha" feature (flagged) for NWE work done to date
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  • Contains enough features for proof of concept for developer-testers (e.g., all features working as of Aug 9)
    • Basic toolbar – B/I; sig; link; image
    • Advanced toolbar – headings; bullet list, numbered list; nowiki; br; big; small; sup; sub; gallery; redirect; table
    • Special characters
    • Auto-citations
    • Find and replace
  • Includes definitional design features
    • OOUI-based
    • Same toolbar as VE
  • Code is merged
    • Reviewer picked
    • Review assesses that code doesn't break non-enabled installations
      • via code review
      • via experimentation
        • On reviewer system
        • On beta cluster

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Change 229567 had a related patch set uploaded (by Esanders):
Wikitext surface alpha feature

What does NWE stand for? New Wikitext Editor?

What does NWE stand for? New Wikitext Editor?


Change 229567 merged by jenkins-bot:
Wikitext surface alpha feature

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