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Allow the showing of the tooltip popup also on touchscreens
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Currently, the RevisionSlider shows diff information when you hover with the mouse over the bars. Clicking on a bar results in changing the compared diffs. On a touch screen, you cannot hover as such, but you might still be interested in the revision info in the tooltip.

Open Questions / Tasks:

  • How does the revision slider look like right now on
    • mobile
    • tablet
  • Does it make sense to support the revision slider for mobile?
    • if yes: Create a way that allows touch screen users to still see the tooltips. @Jan_Dittrich do you have a suggestion? My initial idea would be to have tipping on the diff bar once = tooltip, "double tip" = actual clicking behavior (i.e. changing the compared diffs)

This is part of adding the revision slider to the revision diff page. The revision slider is a feature that adds a visualization of all revisions to the compare screen.
The revision slider was originally prototyped by the WMF Community Tech team and then handed over to the WMDE TCB team, as it is also a solution to fulfill a wish of the German Community Wishlist:

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I got some ideas – let's talk about how much work we want/can invest, then I would mock them up as SVG, probably.

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We now have tickets such as T165835 for getting the revisionslider to work on mobile, too