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Only render single articles, and not collections or books
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Make sure that the extension for the bare version only offers the rendering service for single page articles, not for books or article collections.
Doing so would require other prework first, such as finding out who to compile contents, citations, title page.

One of the wishes of the 2015 German-speaking community wishlist as well as the international community wishlist was the support of tables in pdfs: T135643.
It would take an enormous engineering effort to add tables to the current latex layout in a way that 80%-90% of the tables display correctly. 10%-20% would always be off due to the different capabilities of the two media (printed, layouted page versus HTML). Therefore the idea is to offer another way of rendering pdfs. The new browser-based rendering version will not have the well designed latex layout (at least for the start), but look like the printed website - not perfect for print, but at least complete.

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As the extension currently works, it only offers support for single pages, so I'm moving this to done.