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Simplify OAuth registration form for owner-only consumers
Open, Needs TriagePublic


Way more users will want to register owner-only consumers than normal ones, and they will be on average less technically sophisticated (normal consumers are for developers, OAuth consumers for bot owners) so the process should be as frictionless as possible:

  • there should be a way to open the form in owner-only mode (?wpownerOnly=1 works but has an ugly content flush issue, and there is no need to display the owner-only checkbox either)
  • the big warning boilerplate should go away
  • there is probably no need for a version or a description; at a minimum, the description should not be required to be non-empty
  • there is no need for the email address (see also T142275: Owner-only consumers should not expose the user's email address)
  • probably no need of the "Types of grants being requested" radiobox (why would one an owner-only authonly or authonlyprivate consumer?)
  • probably no need of the ToS checkbox?