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Create a zuul type interface in phabricator
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Lets make a zuul type interface in phabricator.

Reasons I'm asking is currently it would be hard to find out which builds are running for project. We would be making it hard for people to find out what to look for if we dropped zuul. But zuul only supports gerrit. So we should make either zuul compatible with phabricator or desgn an zuul intereface in phabricator. Also other feature support would be gaemon to support building when there are free slaves.

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Paladox renamed this task from Create a duplicate zuul type interface in phabricator to Create a zuul type interface in phabricator.Aug 6 2016, 12:13 PM

How is this different from T85123 and why do you propose to keep Zuul instead of trying Harbormaster?

@Aklapper the reason we should use Zuul over Harbormaster is because Zuul you get a nice layout and can tell what jobs are running under what projects. Zuul also evens them out so they are spread over the nods, so your not waiting for one to finish before starting the next build. You can also easily create jobs in Jenkins from Zuul including allowing users to configure the jobs they want to be tested in there repos.

As I asked before: How is this task different from T85123 ?

Because that task discuss a integration plan, but looking at the description it doesn't discuss Zuul. Please close this if you think otherwise. But if you do close this please update the task description on that task to add the bit about Zuul please.

Upstream have no intention on supporting it. But may if they are payed to add support for it.