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Null byte in old versions of Replace Text may cause arbitrary execution
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OK, bear with me, because I haven't actually tested this.

If a null byte is passed as part of the target text, older versions of PHP/PRCE interpret that as the end of the string, which means that the user can pass a eval flag to execute the replacement text. The best explanation of it I've seen is here:

That null bug was fixed in PHP 5.4.7, which means that Mediawiki version ≥1.24 is immune as it requires 5.5.9. Any previous branches, like REL1_23, however, may have an arbitrary execution.

I don't have an old copy of PHP and Mediawiki around to test, but you are still distributing a REL1_23 branch, so I thought I should mention it.

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That null bug was fixed in PHP 5.4.7, which means that Mediawiki version ≥1.24 is immune as it requires 5.5.9

MediaWiki only started requiring 5.5.9+ in 1.27. 1.26, and 1.25 work with 5.3.3+.


If you are unable to upgrade to PHP 5.5.9, then you can use MediaWiki 1.23.13, which requires PHP version 5.3.2 or later is a little misleading. LTS release I guess.

@Yaron_Koren, @Nikerabbit, what are your thoughts on this issue?

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I'm concerned about SearchHighlighter::highlightText in core

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It should be also noted, that even if you have a high enough version of php not to be vulnerable, anything that allows an arbitrary regex pattern is an easy DOS attack.

Bawolff - are you saying you're concerned about a vulnerability in core MediaWiki? If so, you should open a separate ticket about that - this one is specific to the Replace Text extension.

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In terms of the DOS attack @Bawolff mentioned, maybe ini_set on some PCRE options would be useful?

Replace text actually isn't vulnerable to this bug, since it gets its regex via $this->getRequest()->getText(), which normalizes unicode, thus removing any null bytes from the input.

Maybe we should also have an explicit check for null bytes, I'm not sure.

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This is old enough now to no longer be relevant.

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