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Mobile web language switcher in-modal search magnifying glass not RTL when language RTL
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As an RTL user accustomed to seeing the search magnifying glass on the righthand side of the screen, when I visit the language switcher modal on the mobile web, then I expect to see the magnifying glass icon on the righthand side of the screen for my visual scan line.

Here's the current behavior. Note that we just addressed a similar thing with search.

rtl_lang_switch_not_rtl.jpg (1×640 px, 35 KB)

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Change 303625 had a related patch set uploaded (by Bmansurov):
Correctly flip the language search input box background on RTL wikis

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Change 303625 merged by jenkins-bot:
Consistently style the language overlay search box

Change 303929 had a related patch set uploaded (by Bmansurov):
Use a common class for search input containers

Change 303929 merged by jenkins-bot:
Use a common class for search input containers

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dr0ptp4kt closed this task as Resolved.EditedAug 10 2016, 1:02 PM

Signing off. Checked on desktop FF, Opera, Chrome, Safari; phone iOS 9 Safari, tablet simulator iOS 9 Safari, Samsung Wave II (SamsungMobile), Android 5 Chrome, Android 5 Opera Mini (no compression), UC Browser (no compression) on both orientations (also, LTR continues to look fine in addition to RTL).

<noscript>/compression browsers were out of scope here.

As before RTL-ness for buttons in UC Browser is off (this happens to be the case on Samsung Wave II), but that's for another day - and the button at least continues to show to provide some sort of indicator of what the field is for. Windows Mobile 7.5 IE continues to face problems of garbled rendering on RTL (not tofu, the blocks are scrambled), so that wasn't testable.

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