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« main.css » ( and « rtl.css » ) should use the directionality « inherit? » for « non-textual entities »
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Author: gangleri

Dear friends,

In order to reproduce the error it would best to log in at a LTR wiki as at [[commons:]] or at [[meta]]
and add « ?uselang=foo » behind the url, where foo is one of the languages

« [[ar:]] », « [[arc:]] », « [[dv:]] », « [[fa:]] », « [[he:]] », « [[ks:]] »,
« [[ps:]] », « [[sd:]] », « [[ug:]] », « [[ur:]] », « [[yi:]] »

While serching for « .gif > in « main.css »

I found

li#pt-login {
background: url(user.gif) top left no-repeat;
padding-left: 20px;
text-transform: none;


#bodyContent a[href ^="https://"],
.link-https {
background: url(lock_icon.gif) center right no-repeat;
padding-right: 16px;
#bodyContent a[href ^="mailto:"],
.link-mailto {
background: url(mail_icon.gif) center right no-repeat;
padding-right: 18px;
#bodyContent a[href ^="news://"] {
background: url(news_icon.png) center right no-repeat;
padding-right: 18px;
#bodyContent a[href ^="ftp://"],
.link-ftp {
background: url(file_icon.gif) center right no-repeat;
padding-right: 18px;
#bodyContent a[href ^="irc://"],
.link-irc {
background: url(discussionitem_icon.gif) center right no-repeat;
padding-right: 18px;

and some others.

I was woundering about the *fixed* directionality defined there.

I remembered

Created an attachment (i d = 206193) [details]

this is

screen dump relating to rendering of "non-textual entities" - difference
between Firefox and IE

(In reply to comment #3)

CSS 2 ( says:

In this process, non-textual entities such as images are treated as neutral
characters, unless their 'unicode-bidi' property has a value other than
'normal', in which case they are treated as strong characters in the
'direction' specified for the element

I assume that using the directionality of the the *surrounding block* for the « .css » of the « non-textual entities » could solve a lot of problems both for the .gif's, the checkboxes used in prefreneces, in page editing and in many special pages.

This should solve (at least) the following bugs:

bug 001061 (RTL) external website icon displays in the text and makes it unreadable
bug 003956 BiDi: user icon should be displayed properly regardles of the LTR / RTL
and many others from

Please add the involved bug reports in the « Blocks: » filed.

Thanks in advance for all your efforts!
Best regards Reinhardt [[user:Gangleri]]

reference links:

[[wikt:yi:user:לערי ריינהארטi/tests/bugzilla#RTL_and_BiDi_issues]]
contains an older list of RTL projects or languages that are or will using both LTR and RTL scripts

available attachments at « MediaZilla: »
and many more

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Severity: normal



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gangleri wrote:

(In reply to comment #0)

While serching for « .gif > in « main.css »
I found

also a .png at

#bodyContent a.external,
#bodyContent a[href ^="gopher://"] {
background: url(external.png) center right no-repeat;
padding-right: 13px;

jp.posma wrote:

This has been fixed when CSSJanus was introduced.