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make use of TMH in Wikispeech
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Resulting from T123639

By making use of TimedMediaHandler (TMH) in Wikispeech we avoid duplicate loading, support file type alternates (such as the ogg shim for Safari, Edge, and IE), and generally use a consistent player style.

To make use of Video.js instead of Kaltura set config variable wgTmhWebPlayer = 'videojs'

Video.js fully mirrors the HTML5 <video> element api.

Investigate whether it's possible to use the GUI for Wikispeech (would probably need some customization).

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It's unclear exactly how long this would take since it needs some initial investigation to figure out where TMH needs to be tied in and how.

Removing from sprint due to prioritisation in T151786

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This is outdated. We have a different solution now.