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pagecounts-raw missing since 5th August
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Currently, we consume the pagecounts raw files that you generate every day as an input of our Wikipedia infrastructure.

  We have noticed that there are no new files since yesterday at 5th, and because of that we are having issues in our side.

  I would like to know if this issue is already noticed in your side and if there is a current action to fix the generation of this files.


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I see in puppet on Aug 4th, which matches nicely the date that new files stopped showing up on dumps.wm.o:

Remove pagecounts-[raw|all-sites] related code

See for the details.

What files should people now be using/downloading?

pagecounts-raw and pagecounts-all-sites have been deprecated in favor of pageviews (see anouncements in the analytics mailing list:
For new data, you can find pageviews (more accurate, same format as pagecounts-raw) here:

@Shizhao can you please open a task for fixing up wikitrends and notify the owner of the tool if there are still issues? It looks like his email contact is at the bottom of the wikitrends web page.

Sent mail to the gmail address without much hope of a response. We'll see.


These files were deprecated in favour of and an announcement was sent to the analytics list. Subsequently production of these files was stopped.

I've tried and failed to reach the owner of the tool reported to be broken by reliance of these files. I can find no other contact information for the maintainer.

At this point there's no further action we can take on our side. I'm therefore closing this ticket as 'declined'.