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Investigate creating mocks for UI component of this A/B test
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Let's chat about if we need to do mocks / or have a UI component to how we want this A/B test to be run.

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By default we could use the same cross-wiki UI we did for the other language ID A/B tests. It's not great, but it is the same set up, so we'd be comparing apples to apples. OTOH, a better UI might mean more people understand it and get value out of it. I don't have any strong opinions about the UI, though a clearer separation between the local results and cross-wiki results could help. (I think someone else mentioned that on another ticket.)

@TJones do we have a sample of that cross-wiki UI that was done previously...? Before I start to scour through old pages...

The original mockups I did were based on the A/B test UI. They weren't intended as UI examples, but rather as possible kinds of information to show. People weren't understanding the descriptions as well as I'd hoped, so I added pictures. :)

The current cross-wiki results are pretty much the same, too.

Gotcha....! Maybe we can do an A/B/C test where the C test can be a nicer presentation of the results.

Declining this as we probably don't need an A/B test for these results, plus textcat is working really well otherwise. :)