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Allow "from" url parameter on Special pages that list articles/pages
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It would be nice to have the possibility to view the Special:Unwatched list with an "from" parameter, for example"

Or alternatively, an option show the list in reverse alphabetical order (a "sort" parameter?)

For example in portuguese wikipedia, there are hundreds of articles about asteroids which are unwatched, and since these go over the 5000 limit of this page, editors can't query the site for other unwatched articles.

This is somewhat related to bug 10753, although that would only work for specific pages, thus not helping much in the discovery of previously unknown unwatched pages.

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  • Bug 13062 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

yet another option (perhaps easier to do) would be sorting the list, not alphabetically, but by last revision: the most recently edited first. This would indicate unwatched articles that could possibly have been edited or even vandalised without anyone noticing...

(Renamed the bug to extend to other special pages other than [[Special:UnwatchedPages]], like [[Special:UnusedTemplates]], [[Special:Wantedpages]], [[Special:Wantedcategories]], [[Special:UncategorizedPages]], etc.)

bug 4394 has yet another approach (Provide a count in Special pages that list articles/pages), though not as useful.

Actually, the Special:WantedXxxx pages are sorted by number of incoming links, so this bug is not as relevant to them. But it is useful for special pages that list articles/pages alphabetically, since there is a maximum limit of 1000 pages listed.

bug 13064 (Special page to list unwatched pages in such category) can be yet another approach, if you are looking into a specific range of pages (namely a category). But if you just want to look up pages that might be potential target for unnoticed vandalism, a general approach like this is best.

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This would also actually be more efficient too.

Related to T13269