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Add 'nb' as alias for 'no' in the "add links" interface on Wikipedia
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'nb' is an interwiki alias for the Norwegian Bokmål wikipedia (it's the actual ISO 639-1 code for Bokmål). This alias is currently not recognised by the "add links" interface on Wikipedia.

It would be beneficial if this interface did recognise this alias, as this code (currently at least) does not give any suggestions at all, whereas 'no' gives several. For example, typing in 'no' and hitting tab gives 'frrwiki' as the chosen wiki. If 'nb' were active, it would give the right wiki with simply code + tab.

Furthermore, the code 'nb' is often used in hard-coded interwiki linking on the Norwegian Nynorsk wikipedia, so it would be beneficial for users there if this alias were active, either way.

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@thiemowmde Does currently Wikidata support such language code aliasing or should that be implemented too?

thiemowmde added subscribers: daniel, Lydia_Pintscher.

We are validating the Wikidata sitelinks against the sites table provided by core. We do have nice wrappers around the core service, so adding our own alias support should not be hard. The relevant file to touch is

However, I wonder if Wikibase should manage it's own sites aliases or if this should be a core feature. Currently there are a lot of very active tasks related to the sites table, the most relevant probably T137534. @daniel, do you think this feature request here should depend on one of these other tasks?