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Notifications from moderated post are not purged
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A split issue from T93673: Remove Notifications about posts/topics that have been Moderated.

  1. As a user A create a post on some topic (not necessarily on a watched topic).
  2. User B replies, thanks, and edits user A post - user A receives all notifications.
  3. Delete/Suppress the user A post - all notifications are still displayed in the flyout and Special:Notificaitons page.

echo_event does not mark the notifications from deleted/suppressed posts as deleted. Deleted/suppressed topics and deleted Flow board will have all notificaitons marked as deleted in the db table.


  • Deleting/suppressing a Flow board or a topic will purge all notifications received by user.
  • The not-deleted notificaitons from moderated posts are clickable and redirect to the post page where the delted post is not present. No highlighting is present.

Event Timeline

Change 304480 had a related patch set uploaded (by Sbisson):
Fix notification cleanup on post moderation

Change 304480 merged by jenkins-bot:
Fix notification cleanup on post moderation

Checked in betalab. All notifications generated from deleted/suppressed posts are successfully purged.