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Deleted file showing up in Special:ListFiles on sk.wikipedia
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sk:Special:ListFiles lists sk:File:Smiley1.jpg which has been deleted. A test on 2016-08-10 to unlist it via undeletion and re-deletion failed.

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Deletion through the deletion tab gives:
Error al borrar el archivo: No se pudo borrar el archivo "d/dd/Smiley1.jpg" porque no existe.
(error when deleting the file: the file d/dd/... could not be deleted because it does not exist)

I however managed -not sure how- to make the file dissapear both from Special:Listfiles and the link above shows no file at all, so is this resolved?

MarcoAurelio claimed this task.
MarcoAurelio moved this task from Backlog to Done on the Wikimedia-Site-requests board.

I can't see the file anymore. Closing as resolved. Revert if you disagree. Regards.