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[BUG] The same 2 articles displayed twice on search results
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Steps to reproduce

  1. Search for Bishop McDevitt
  2. wait for article suggestions to load

Expected results

Each article are only listed once

Actual results

The top 2 articles are listed twice


Environments observed

App version: 908.1
OS versions: iOS 9.3.3
Device model: iPad mini 1
Device language: English

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guessing if we remove the now largely redundant secondary full text search this issue will go away.

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When merging the previous results with the secondary full text search results, duplicates objects are deleted (objects that already are in the previous results). But this does not work.

The following function from WMFSearchResults checks for duplicates based on containsObject which always returns false:

- (void)mergeResultsFromModel:(WMFSearchResults *)searchResults {
    NSArray *newResults = [searchResults.results wmf_reject:^BOOL(MWKSearchResult *obj) {
        return [self.results containsObject:obj];
    [self.mutableResults addObjectsFromArray:newResults];

Found another search term that produce this bug: "Universite de Sherbrooke" in en wiki.

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This comment was removed by NHarateh_WMF.

Tested Wikipedia app 5.4.1 (1124) on iPhone 6S (iOS 10.3.1) and iPhone 7 (iOS 10.3.2), according to the screencaps below this is not fixed yet.

ABorbaWMF added a subscriber: ABorbaWMF.

Tested on an iPhone 7+ with iOS 10.3 and an iPad Mini 2 Retina on Beta App 5.5.0 (1129)

This is fixed. Tried a few different search terms that returned multiple similar results (as in the example above). Results were not duplicated.

JMinor closed this task as Resolved.May 23 2017, 8:48 PM
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Thanks @NHarateh_WMF !!!