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Require/track Phabricator username
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It would be useful to store the Phabricator username in LDAP. This would allow to validate the NDA status as stored in Phabricator.

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Not all NDA statuses are stored in Phabricator (though it would be good if Phabricator actually knew about all Phab-based and historical NDA signatures)

This isn't needed anymore. NDA management has changed towards a new workflow which doesn't rely on Phabricator any longer.

One remaining use case if for the offboarding script (which currently passes the Phabricator name as an argument). But since a Phab account can either be linked to a wikitech name and/or a SUL account and we have T148048 to store the SUL account in LDAP in the future, we can simply rely on that.